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Ride On Mower Cover For Cox Husqvarna Mtd John Deere Murray Rover Greenfield

AU $39.95
Remaining: 29d 5h 16m

12v Ride On Mower Agm U1r Battery Toro Mtd Cox John Deere Husqvarna

AU $99.99
Remaining: 10d 1h 2m

John Deere Mulching Plug For Ride On Mower
John Deere Mulching Plug For Ride On Mower

AU $82.00
Remaining: 11d 22h 10m

Guide to buying a secondhand lawnmower

Right now is the time to start thinking about lawn maintenance. With spring fast approaching, it’s important to start looking after your lawn to ensure you have a beautiful garden all summer long. One important item you will need is a good lawnmower. While new lawnmowers can be very expensive, it’s easy to pick up a secondhand mower of really good quality for a fraction of the price. Before you start your search, it’s a good idea to know just what kind of mower you need. In this article we will explore the different types of lawnmowers you can choose from.

Cylinder lawnmowers
Cylinder lawnmowers have blades that rotate and cut very close, giving you a very well manicured lawn. They are ideal for people who like to cut their lawn frequently and like having very short grass. However, they are not suitable for uneven lawns. These lawnmowers come in petrol, electric and hand-pushed models. You can also find them with a range of cutting widths as well as rear rollers which give your lawn a neat, striped finish.

Hover lawnmowers
Hover lawnmowers are perfect for small and medium sized gardens and uneven surfaces. They work by using rotating blades that float above the surface. While they do not provide as sharp of a finish as other mowers, they do have many great features such as being lightweight, inexpensive and very easy to handle.

Rotary lawnmowers
Rotary lawnmowers use horizontally rotating blades, making them great for large family gardens that have rough patches and weeds. They do not provide as neat of a finish as a cylinder lawnmower, but they can handle tougher, longer grass as well as steep slopes. These mowers come in petrol or electric models and can be either manual push or self-propelled.

Petrol vs electric
Once you know what type of lawnmower is best suited to your garden, you then have the choice between a petrol and electric model. Petrol mowers are more powerful than electric, making them ideal for big lawns and longer grass. However, they are generally more expensive, require more upkeep and safe storage. Electric mowers are great for smaller lawns. They are light, easy to handle and easier to clean and maintain. However, you need to make sure you have a power source nearby and have to worry about an electric cable trailing behind you as you mow. They should also not be used in wet conditions.

Other considerations
Now that you know the model you want you can start shopping for your secondhand mower. Here are a few factors to consider when shopping around:

  • Engine condition: It’s hard to know exactly what the engine condition is, but one way to get an idea is to find out how old the mower is and if there have been any repairs made to the engine.
  • Body condition: Look closely at photos of the mower for any nicks, dings or scratches. You can expect some cosmetic blemishes, but there should be nothing that would hinder the performance of the mower.
  • Blade condition: Look over the blades to make sure they are still in decent condition. You might need to sharpen or replace the blades if they have become very dull through use.
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